Pete Edochie: Facts You Probably Didn’t know about him

Pete Edochie is one of my favorite Nigerian actors and has been in the acting business for as long as I can remember, considered one of Africa’s most talented actors, by both Movie Awards and Africa Magic Cable Network. The veteran actor came into the limelight in the 1980’s when he played the lead role of Okonkwo in an NTA’s adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s all time bestselling novel, Things Fall Apart.

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Pete-edochie-facts you don't know about him

     Here are few facts you probably didn’t know about Pete Edochie.

• The Veteran Actor was given an award for his role in NTA’s adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Novel, Things Fall Apart. The BBC flew into Nigeria to interview him for his great performance on the play.

• Pete Edochie is a very devout Christian.

• He married at a very early age of 22 and has five sons and eleven Grand children.

• He is very strict by nature just like most of the roles he acts onscreen 🙂

• He Participated in the Civil War, as he was a broadcaster in the voice of Nigeria  .

• He speaks fluent Hausa as he stayed in the north for some years until he was chased away during the Civil War.

• Pete Edochie joined broadcasting at age 20 and got married two years later during the Civil War.


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• He was popularly known as “Ebube-Dike” by a lot after his role as Okonkwo in NTA’s adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Classic-Things Fall Apart. Even before the great Chinua Achebe died, he never stopped calling Pete, “Ebube-Dike”.

• In 2005, the Actors Guild of Nigeria placed Pete Edochie and several others on a one year ban from filming, after they were said to have been collecting huge fees from producers due to their A-list status.

• His beard has been a great pride to him as he has never shaved his beards since he was 23. According to him, the beard gives him character.

• He is very much known for his notable roles in movies ranging from a big man to a leader in a cult, a king or a native doctor.

• On August 16th 2009, he was kidnapped. He was kidnapped on his way to an event in Anambra state. He was later released the next day.

He has won a lot of awards and has featured in over 65 movies, a good record if you ask me.

Pete Edochie is a Legend in Nollywood and continues to remain one of Nigeria’s best actors and a role model to many.

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